Mr. Wolff is a startup entrepreneur, developing a corporate portfolio of innovative and cutting edge startup companies in the fields of: cellphone app software, 3D printing technology, home consumer products, commercial space, and more. Mr. Wolff was previously an Autodesk certified drafting specialist working for civil engineering companies as a drafting technician for electrical, mechanical, fire systems, and plumbing design. He is an avid inventor and writer.

His corporate portfolio includes co-founding a mega-scale concrete 3D printer company with the first permit for 3d printed construction in the United States, the co-author of a new provisional patent for metal 3d printing processes as a founding member of Deep Space Industries, a commercial space company developing microgravity 3d printing processes, the co-founder of a food 3D printing company, business director for a cellphone software company, business administrator for recycling can technology startup company.

A crowd funding campaign Mr. Wolff co-developed through D-Shape led to the Rygo Project on the “World’s Largest 3D Printer, D-Shape”, featured in Wired, PC Magazine, Makezine, Design Goodness, and more. Publications from the Wall Street Journal to the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Tech Blog have cited Mr. Wolff.