Internship Position in New York

Job Title:  Full-Time Internship Position

Company Name:  Anderson & Anderson LLP

Full-time/Part-time/Internship: Full-time Internship in New York


Full Job Description:

We are a boutique international law firm, long standing and prominent in Asia. We are looking for recent graduates, who have taken and passed their bar exams, or at least have intention of taking the Bar Examination, to work as interns in our New York office. Internships are for a minimum of four months.



  • legal researching on US and foreign law, competence in LexisNexis;
  • contract drafting;
  • revising drafts;
  • due diligence work;
  • establish new corporations, joint ventures;
  • M & A;
  • corporate finance;
  • banking;
  • securities work;
  • case management; 
  • briefing, motion drafting; 
  • completing discovery requests and responses to discovery;
  • prepare for hearings, trials; 
  • investigate and fact-check information; 
  • communicate with clients; 
  • reviewing case documents, evidence, etc; and
  • client development work.



  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, negotiation and legal reasoning skills. 
  • Good skills for client development work. 
  • Foreign languages useful but not essential, including Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish and Hebrew.


Location (city and country): New York, New York, USA


How to apply (email, website URL, etc.):

We will expect you to learn about private international law as practiced in China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, or Macau, and to acquaint yourself at least modestly, with the Chinese language.


Is this of interest to you? If so, please provide us the following documents for our reference and consideration:

  • resume;
  • GPA and Class standing; 
  • two reference letters;
  • one writing sample; and
  • documents to prove that you have passed the bar exam (if you have passed).


HR Department




Anything else you would like to include:

Our intern positions do not involve payment of salary, but only a modest stipend. A bonus may be given to you from time to time depending on your performance and contribution. You can earn additional money by client development work.